Writing Job Focus and Freelance Writing Tips – Feb 15 2017

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Job of the Day:

For the love of country . . . country music that is!

Wide Open Country is “looking for writers who can consistently create articles on country music and lifestyle topics with an engaging, but informative tone to be published on Wide Open Country.”

You will need some knowledge of SEO and an understanding of content, but a love of country music is VITAL!

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Wriging Job Tips

    1. Keep the queries flowing – you will not land every position you pursue (especially as you begin to increase your fees) and jobs that were producing will fade. A solid goal – keep 5 to 10 queries in the que at all times.

    2. Expand the reach – look for opportunities on the edge of your experience so that you can grow and stretch your writing abilities and opportunities.

    3. Keep learning – find ways to learn more about the current trends and technologies as well as those on the way.

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