Work Better not Battered  – Tips for Building Freelance Success

Work Better not Battered – Tips for Building Freelance Success

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Working from home and building a freelance writing career can be exhausting. Add in family, a “real” job, or other commitments and it can cause even the strongest camels to break.

You need to find your way to better work so that you don’t get battered down by all that comes at you because things will come at you.

Find Your Way to Work Better

  • Make a list. Write out all that you currently have to do and all that you want to build up to doing. I list allows you to see it in black and white.
  • Put a value on the items on the list. On one side place a value on a scale from 1 to 10 on how important it is. On the other side place a time value (how long it will take you to complete and how often it needs to be done).
  • Set a time for getting it done. Deadlines are important for two reasons: 1. Deadlines push you to move faster; 2. Deadlines give you a way to measure your accomplishments.
  • Determine your process – what works for you and how it works for you. Some people like the timer method (set the time for a specific amount and tackle a project until the timer goes off). Others prefer the project method (dig into one project until that project is complete). You may find that a bit of both serves your needs. Find the processes that works for you or you will never work the process.
  • Make the work a priority. If you have it on the side burner then it’s easy to excuse it away. If it is on the front burner, though, then it demands your attention. Put your writing career on the front burner (or at least on one of them).

It is not about working yourself until you drop, but about finding the best way that works for you. When you take the time to define what you are doing and how you will do it best then you will have found the secret to working better instead of working battered.

How do you work better? Share your tips and ideas in the comments below so that we can help each other make the most of this writing journey.

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