Words from a Freelancer to Help Build an Online Presence

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Each freelancer must forge his or her own path

The words that I share as a freelancer have helped grow up my opportunities. The words that I have created as a freelancer have provided me with income. The words that I am currently developing as a freelancer are guiding me to that next level of online presence.

It starts with connections – because creating anything begins with connections. I then have to invest in the connections to grow up relationships. Relationships are the foundation of all that I desire.

Every time I meet one of the social media “gurus” or experts, I ask about building my online presence. I listen to the words of wisdom with the hope and expectation that this time there will be a secret ingredient included.

The only secret ingredient to your #writing success is to find your unique path - it is up to you Click To Tweet So far, no matter if I am talking to social media, technology, or business focused individuals, the ideas are the same that were put forth by Napoleon Hill and the lot.

Top Words of Wisdom Shared by a Freelancer

  • Be authentic if you want people to believe what you have to say. The truth WILL come out, especially in this electronic age. If you are authentic about who you are and what you believe then people will begin to listen to what you have to say.
  • Always offer up more than is expected. This can be tough in an age that cries “what have you done for me lately.” Beat the deadline. Do a little more. Give without expectation of return.

  • Be SPECIFIC goal oriented. “I want more readers” is not a goal but a declaration of desire. Declarations will live on for infinity. “I want 5000 unique readers a day” is a specific goal that can be achieved.
  • Take regular measurements. See how the actions and investments you are making are moving you towards your goal. If they are not, then turn your attention to a different direction.
  • Give the audience what they need not what you want. An authentic relationship is all about the other person. Know your audience so that you can meet their needs.
  • Comment on other sites where your target market frequents. Ask questions. Offer responses. Engage, connect, and grow.
  • Reveal your heart. If you are willing to reveal your heart then you will be in a position to connect to the heart of another. Hearts connected will grow up strong relationships.

The biggest thing that the top dogs never shared was that I would never be able to reach my success the same way that they reached theirs. My journey must be my own because my journey is unique from everyone else.

I learn from others. I take that learning. I invest that learning into my own unique path.

Each of these words and ideas shared above come from a freelancer that is pursuing success every day and learning every day a new key or step that will bring me closer to that success.

How are you building your online presence and growing up your writing success?

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