Why I Write – Discovering the Power in Purpose

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I am Kathryn Lang – and some of you may already know me – but even those that know me may not realize that I am a free-lance writer that produces content for companies around the globe. You may not realize that I am a radio personality syndicated around the United States and in South Africa. You may not realize that I am an author of two novels, one tourism novel, six gift books, three non-fictions books, and four eBooks.

All of these things that I do involve one common element – well two, actually – words and hope. I have always been a positive person, so I stick to things that have a positive spin. But I have also always loved words.

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My problem is that I ran into THEY early on – they told me I was good at math so I should be an engineer. THEY told me that I was good at helping people so I should be a counselor. THEY told me that I would have to get a real job.

I listened to THEY for a long time. It has only been in the last decade that I began to block out what THEY had to say and I began pursuing my heart’s desire. Once I found words again, I discovered that working with words was not a job but a joy.

I discovered my why – my purpose – my uniqueness – and unlocking that power gave me the courage to walk down that path less traveled.

Why I Write

  1. I write because I have a story to share – sometimes it is a true life story, sometimes it is a made up story, sometimes it is a story with a deeper meaning, and sometimes it is a story for fun.
  2. I write because I want to share hope – because I know that in my own walk a word of hope at the right moment has made the difference.
  3. I write because I love words – I love playing with sounds and sentence structure to catch the attention and imagination of those that read the words.

I am a writer.

As a non-fiction author, I seek to share words of hope and encouragement.
As a content freelance writer, I provide words that inform.
As a fiction author, I work to weave tales that capture the hearts of readers by sharing a piece of mine.”

I write to a woman that is trying to walk the tightrope of family, work and God – and keep them all in the right balance. She has a sense of humor, enjoys a little snark now and then, and references movies and songs in her every day speech. She plays with words and enjoys being around others that can keep up. She has a solid relationship with God, but hungers to go deeper. She is not afraid of faith in her own life or in the lives of those she encounters. She lives a life reaching for the rainbow.

You have something like that in your right now. You have a uniqueness that makes you stand out from all those around you. Recognizing that uniqueness will begin moving you down the path to joy instead of a job.

It is not complicated – although I know I have worked hard on many days to make it look and feel that way.

It is not difficult – although I have come up with plenty of reasons and excuses to make it look and feel that way.

Why do you write?

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About Kathryn C Lang

Kathryn Lang offers a phrase of hope through her columns, articles, books, and workshops to shine the Light on the moment. Her personal hope is that every person who encounters her words will feel as if those words were written (or spoken) just for her. She speaks at women’s conferences, professional organizations, and schools on finding purpose, being encouraged and growing relationships. Learn more about Kathryn by visiting www.KathrynLang.com or email her at KathrynLang@KathrynLang.com.

Are you looking for more tips on finding your uniqueness? Kathryn Lang is the author of “Place in Purpose” – the four questions you can answer to begin discovering your place and making a plan to pursue it with boldness.

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