The Painful Truth of Being a Writer

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I am a writer.

I have been making that declaration for almost a decade. There have been times when I have been an income producing writer and there have been times when I wished I could produce more of that green stuff.

Being part of #WriteTalk allows me to weekly review my writing journey with more intensity than I might want. This week I had a painful revelation that I may be declaring that I am a writer but I am not acting like what I am declaring.

Being a writer has to be more than just a wish or something I do when I feel like it. I have to be willing to get serious about my writing if I want to see my writing dreams come to life.

Taking on challenges has always been a way for me to push to that next level. I joined in #NaNoWriMo – that is the National Novel Writing Month challenge – several years ago because I thought I should. It was not the best reason, but it got me involved. It took me one step closer to being a writer like I wanted to be.

Now I participate in Nano and other challenges because I know that I need to push myself if I am going to get to where I desire. It does NOT mean I always have to like what I uncover during the process.

Everything that I choose to do needs to grow me a little – and it will – if I choose to see the growth potential.

Growing Up My Writing with #NaNoWriMo

    1. Stop editing when writing. The editing process comes after the writing has been completed. It slows down the word flow. It keeps things from being free and creative.

    2. Write like crazy. Set a timer and write as many words as possible. Make speed your friend. The faster you writer the closer you get to a story that you want to read.

    3. Tackle the words in small attacks. Writing in increments makes it possible to fit a lot of words into even a busy schedule.

I can wish. I can hope. But ultimately, being a writer means I have to invest in writing.

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