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Successful Freelance Writing Tips

Kathryn Lang shared some thoughts on how she was pursuing her writing dreams – and she took a moment to clarify what she meant by that goal. She was inspired by Hugh Howey.

Tips from Kathryn Lang for Reaching Your Dreams

  1. Work harder than anyone else. Coach Bear Bryant (from the University of Alabama) said “There’s a lot of blood, sweat, and guts between dreams and success.” It takes work to craft possibility out of a dream. If I want to stand above the crowd then I have to do more than what the crowd is doing.
  2. Read. Hugh Howey recommends reading outside your writing genre. Napoleon Hill said to always invest in learning. Both men challenge me to keep growing my mind and my imagination. The more I grow it up the more doors I will be in a position to open.
  3. Build relationships. It has almost become a cliché to say it is all about relationships, but it is all about relationships. Zig Ziglar offers this challenge, “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”
  4. Invest in planning. I have to have an idea of where I am going and why I am going if I am going to recognize when I arrive (or if I am headed in the wrong direction). It is attributed to Benjamin Franklin the idea that a man who fails to plan plans to fail. Planning is a map for a vision. It provides wisdom and guidance in the journey.

You can push closer to your dreams if you are willing to take action with these tips – no matter what your dreams may be.

Here at Successful Freelance Writer we are going to challenge you to dig deeper into your writing as well.

Tips from Successful Freelance Writer for Reaching Your Writing Dreams

  • Write every day. It is not about the number of words you write, but about the actual writing. Writing every day trains you to write every day – no matter what comes up or what tries to distract you. When you are pursuing a full-time writing career then you need to be writing every day.
  • Write outside your comfort zone. We all have a genre we prefer, but don’t let that preference hold you back. Mix it up. If you normally write full-length novels then try your hand at a flash fiction (or maybe even a Twitter story). When you stretch outside your comfort zone you elevate your writing.
  • Find others that write. Social Media conferences, small business events, and even co-working environments can be surprising places to find other writers (or to make connections for your writing). WordCamp Birmingham 2018 will be later in October and is always a wealth of writing inspiration.

Dream a little dream. Write a few words. Keep on pushing until you cross the finish line. You can reach your writing success if you will move in the direction of that success just a little every day.

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