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10 Tips I Learned from WordCamp Birmingham

Successful Freelance Writing Tips

Conferences, camps, and other gatherings of all things creative provide me with energy and determination to keep pursuing my dreams. WordCamp Birmingham did that, and so much more. It allowed me to connect with some amazing people, to share a little of their journeys, and to reach out to help and to be helped. 10 …

About Writing

Why I Write – Discovering the Power in Purpose

I am Kathryn Lang – and some of you may already know me – but even those that know me may not realize that I am a free-lance writer that produces content for companies around the globe. You may not realize that I am a radio personality syndicated around the United States and in South …

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More than Writing

I hurt my hand. I have done it before and I know the best remedy requires wrapping my left wrist and letting it rest for a couple of days. Most people think of the importance of their right hand – particularly if they are right-handed. Writers need both hands, or at least I do. It …

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Too Busy Writing to Write

The last couple of weeks flew right by me. Two birthday parties, Christmas meals and the determination to get my writing back on track left me with a hole in my writing. I was so busy trying to get all my writing done for everything else that I forgot all about writing here. Do you …

About Writing

Writing is Not Always about Writing

My writing is not just about me or about my writing for that matter. Sometimes there are unexpected consequences to pursuing my writing career. The last several Novembers I have jumped into NaNoWriMo with both feet – well, I have signed up to participate. Last year I boldly proclaimed that I would finish my second …

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Writing a Successful Author Block for a Freelance Writer

The little block at the end of your article that tells about who you are as a writer and where readers can get more information is often an afterthought. Most of us barely take the time to proof the words that we write for this author block, especially since no one is going to read …