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No and Know are Keys to Getting Stuff Done

When you are struggling to get stuff done for your day, strip it back to the basics to find your way to get it done. The day started off already behind. Even worse, it was weeks behind because of the chaos and circumstances that had been getting in the way. NaNoWriMo? Don’t even get me …


Mimosas Help Writers Make the Mosmostest of the Words

Writing should be done without limits or restrictions. Writing is the art. The craft of the language comes into effect through the re-writing and editing process. Freedom paints words on a canvas of lined paper. Let the Words Run Free I attended a writing workshop at a friend’s house far from my home. It required …

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Learn How to Break Writer’s Block

Successful Freelance Writing Tips

Writer’s block uses a number of disguises to keep me from writing the words I know I need to be writing. The more attention I give to writer’s block, the strong or more powerful it seems to become. I have discovered that if I will face down writer’s block and press on with the words, …

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Writing Job Focus and Freelance Writing Tips – Feb 15 2017

Job of the Day: For the love of country . . . country music that is! Wide Open Country is “looking for writers who can consistently create articles on country music and lifestyle topics with an engaging, but informative tone to be published on Wide Open Country.” You will need some knowledge of SEO and …

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10 Writing Tips for Developing a Habit of Success

Developing a writing career begins with words – because without the words there is not avenue for success. You have to write to be a writer. But life gets in the way or people get in the way or sometimes it is just me getting in the way of my own success. Whatever the “it” …

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Five Blessings of Freelance Writing

Freelance writing has offered me today what most people work their lives to be able to have. We have a nice home, a great family and time to enjoy it all. We are living out our retirement instead of waiting for it to come. I might still be working, but does it really count when …

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Speed Date to Your Novel

One of these days my novel will be completed or at least the completed novel will be completely edited. I imagine some days that the words will multiply on the paper like the dust bunnies under my bed. The delusion lasts seconds because the reality of a writing career is that you have to write. …

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Freelance Writing Basics – More Tips for Beginners

Successful Freelance Writing Tips

Starting out as a freelance writer can be confusing and difficult (and sometimes a little scary). The biggest problem is that every path to a freelance writing career is different and individual. The best thing that you can do when are starting out is to try to cover all the bases and be prepared for …