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Too Busy Writing to Write

The last couple of weeks flew right by me. Two birthday parties, Christmas meals and the determination to get my writing back on track left me with a hole in my writing. I was so busy trying to get all my writing done for everything else that I forgot all about writing here. Do you …

Business of Freelance

Making a Freelance Writing Schedule that Works

Freelance writing schedules can be hard to balance. Working from home in any field means that you are open to more distractions. It is easier to put off that project for work if you have another task calling out your name. Finding a schedule that works for you where you are may mean trying different …

About Writing, Business of Freelance

Working around the Problem

This morning when I started my computer the first thing to pop up was an error message. I hate bugs, but I particularly hate those that always manage to crawl into my computer. Instead of tackling the to-do list I wrote out last night I was not forced to run anti-virus, anti-malware and other similar …