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Freelance Writing Basics – Making Writing a Priority

Time runs out. It seems that no matter how hard I plan or how serious I am about something I eventually run out of hours in the day. Life catches me and spins me around until I am too dizzy to know which way is up and so I forget about the things that I …

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Freelance Writing Basics – More Tips for Beginners

Successful Freelance Writing Tips

Starting out as a freelance writer can be confusing and difficult (and sometimes a little scary). The biggest problem is that every path to a freelance writing career is different and individual. The best thing that you can do when are starting out is to try to cover all the bases and be prepared for …

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Freelance Writing Basics – Online vs. Print

Many people feel that good writing is good writing and it doesn’t matter what medium it is in. This is true in some ways, but there are some distinct differences between print and online writing. It is important to learn to navigate between the two if you want to be a successful freelance writer through …

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Freelance Writing Markets – More Basics

Deciding to take the plunge into freelance writing as a full time career is only the beginning of the journey. Uncovering different job opportunities can be a job in and of itself. Finding Freelance Writing Jobs 1. Forums – new forums don’t like to look like new forums so many will hire companies to have …

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Freelance Writing Basics – What to Expect

The second question I usually get when people find out I am a freelance writer is “can I make a living doing that?” The answer is a layered answer that starts with what is a living and ends with is this something you have a passion to do. Not everyone can make a living as …