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Discover the Secrets for Creating Change

Building a writing career conjures up images of greatness in some minds, full of book signings, interviews and unbelievable advances. Those that have started down the path often have more nightmares than images – nightmares of looming deadlines, haunting blank pages and empty checkbooks. It takes work to build a career. That work has to …

About Writing, Business of Freelance

Beyond the Comfort Zone

Push past the place where you are right now. Taking action and taking chances will be the only way that you can ever take charge of your future. Then there is the cautious side of me that says “take the steady job and regular paycheck even it is not all that you desire.” How many …

About Writing

Get Reasons out of the Way of Writing

My list of reasons (i.e. excuses) could fill a book. Maybe if I would take the time to write down that list then I would have a best-selling book, but I had something else that needed to get done for now. That will have to wait. Get it? Great ideas are useless if I do …