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Work Better not Battered – Tips for Building Freelance Success

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Working from home and building a freelance writing career can be exhausting. Add in family, a “real” job, or other commitments and it can cause even the strongest camels to break. You need to find your way to better work so that you don’t get battered down by all that comes at you because things …

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Motivating my Writing

Getting a kick in the pants is usually what it takes to get me going again when I slow down. This morning the kick came – over and over and over. It just seemed that every word I read (from my prayer book for my children to the devotionals that I receive online to the …

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Motivate Others to Grow Your Writing Success

I have learned to motivate others to get to where I want to go. The more I reach out to help others, the further I find myself down my own path to writing success. Helping others – in that pure of heart helping others and not that devious I plan to get something out of …

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One Key to Writing Success

One of the keys to the universe of success revealed itself to me today. I discovered that if I want to get some writing done then I will have to take time out of my day to write. I hear what you are all saying, “You want to be a writer and you did not …