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Motivating my Writing

Getting a kick in the pants is usually what it takes to get me going again when I slow down. This morning the kick came – over and over and over. It just seemed that every word I read (from my prayer book for my children to the devotionals that I receive online to the …

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Motivate Others to Grow Your Writing Success

I have learned to motivate others to get to where I want to go. The more I reach out to help others, the further I find myself down my own path to writing success. Helping others – in that pure of heart helping others and not that devious I plan to get something out of …

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One Key to Writing Success

One of the keys to the universe of success revealed itself to me today. I discovered that if I want to get some writing done then I will have to take time out of my day to write. I hear what you are all saying, “You want to be a writer and you did not …