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Five Blessings of Freelance Writing

Freelance writing has offered me today what most people work their lives to be able to have. We have a nice home, a great family and time to enjoy it all. We are living out our retirement instead of waiting for it to come. I might still be working, but does it really count when …

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Master the Art of Dealing with People

Dealing with people can get on my nerves. My tolerance level for people dropped to low this morning. It annoys me when people fall short of my expectations (even if I am not sure what those expectations may be. Working as a freelance writer requires me to deal with a wide range of personalities, and …

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Answers for Full-time Freelance Writing

I want to be a full-time writer. How did you do it? Let me start by saying that I am a full-time freelance writer at work on a full-time writing career. I think that that the two directions are different, although they can be related. Today my freelance writing pays the bills and allows me …