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What Separates a Good Blogger from a Bad One?

Here’s the deal: we are all bloggers at some point. Don’t believe me? Just take a look at what you’re doing right now: posting on Facebook, sharing posts, tweeting on Twitter. These are all basic platforms of blogging.

Well, the thing is we’re not always aware that what we’re doing is blogging, but apparently, there are some people who are, and they are the ones who strive to become better bloggers. Well, who can blame them? Blogging is amazing.

As far as the internet is concerned, there are three types of bloggers: (1) bloggers who don’t know they’re bloggers, (2) bad bloggers, (3) good bloggers. The vast percent of internet users belong to the first type. The remaining percent falls under the second and third class. And everyone who falls in this category wants to be good at blogging, but what exactly is a good blogger?

Who’s a good blogger?

What if you had to look for someone to blog for your business? I bet the first thing that comes to mind is calling your friend who happens to be really good at writing. This mentality has to disappear. Being a good writer is far different from being a good blogger. Writing requires the ability to get around an idea. Blogging involves more complicated elements:

    • Networking
    • Art of online promotion and marketing
    • Branding
    • Attracting followers
    • Implementation
    • Time and work management, and much more
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That being said, here are the factors that say whether you’re a good blogger or not:

Blogging schedule

It’s because people equate good writing with good blogging that they are made to think that you don’t have to post regularly to be considered a good blogger. But apparently, posting on a regular basis is your main role as a blogger.

If you’re a blogger who doesn’t post too often, then followers will lose track of your blog, and will eventually unsubscribe. If you’ve been busy and happen to lose track of your blogging schedule, then just go back to your regular blogging agenda. Don’t post an “I’m sorry for being away” entry. The thing is people won’t even notice you were gone unless you tell them.

Time management
Some people have maintained the mentality that only busy people manage their time. But apparently, that’s not, in any case, true.

No matter what field you’re in, there will always be a need for time management.

Blogger friends
When you start a blog, you’re completely invisible on the internet. Nobody knows who you are. But once you manage to make things happen, you’re bound to meet a couple of good bloggers yourself, and they’ll eventually become your friends.

So, if someone claims to be a blogger, but doesn’t know any other blogger, then you can bet that he’s either new to blogging, or he’s not very good at it.

People spend a substantial amount of their time online. So, you can bet that if you’re any good in blogging, you’re bound to get notice. You’re likely to get a bunch of subscribers, who’ll be pleading for you to write more blog posts.

Blogging is really a good way to brandish your writing skills. That being said, you’ll find a bunch of emails asking you to write something for them. And the best part is that they also have a good pay.

SEO knowledge
Blogging isn’t just about writing good content. It’s more about how “discoverable” you are on the internet. That being said, you should at least know the basics of SEO. If you don’t, well don’t expect subscribers to come out from the middle of nowhere.

Future plans
If you’re the blogger who doesn’t know half of what he’s doing, then chances are you also haven’t thought about how to boost your blog in the next few months or years to come.

A good blogger, on the other hand, already has it all figured out. Here are some the things that should be included in your blog plan:

    • Blogs that you want to guest post
    • Products you want to create
    • Products you want to be associated with

Share Your Tips

What are your favorites tips or ideas for being a GOOD blogger? Share your thoughts in the comments below
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About the author

Danny Adams is a proud alumnus of University of Oregon with a degree in creative writing. With his writing finesse and knack for managing people, he co-founded write my essay. Some of his published articles are aimed towards helping and providing opportunities for freelance writers. If his busy schedule permits, Danny indulges in golf or hockey.

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