Simple Steps for Blog Success

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If I want to have blog success then I have to define success for my blog. I have to determine what blog success will look like, what blog success will feel like, and what blog success entails – because it is MY blog!

It does NOT have to be complicated, but for some reason I think it means more if it is complicated.
Mack Collier led a discussion on the Sunday night #BlogChat about how to measure the success of your blob. Before the topic moved into analytics, plugins, and widgets, he challenged us with one simple task.

How do you determine your blog success?

Several years ago, someone told me that if I wanted to know my target audience then I just had to sit down and describe him or her. Defining the target audience is that simple (and that complex).

Hearing the question about success and about how I determine success gave me the same breath of freedom that defining my target audience gave me.

It is up to me.

When I set up my White Board of World Domination and I created my Focus Folder and check lists to help me bring my White Board of World Domination to life, I defined what would make my blog a success – without even realizing that was what I was doing.

How I Define Blog Success

    1. Building engagement – I want to focus on more than having someone visit my website. I want to be engaged with people. I want to comment back and forth. I want to share information. I want there to be connections and relationships. It is all about relationships after all. As long as engagement continues to improve, I will declare my blogging a success – but my ultimate goal is to create 100,000 engagements a day . . . I just realized how high this number is when held up to these particular parameters.

    2. Helping others – I want to help others pursue their unique designs. I want to work with new individuals in coaching them through the process. I want to speak to more groups online and in person. One of the top elements of marketing and sales is about being relentlessly helpful. I know that I will be a success as long as I put myself in the position to help at least one person per week – buy my ultimate goal is to help four new clients each month and to give one presentation per week.

    3. Sell books – I want to get more of my books in more hands. I want to see my book hit the top in all the genres. I want to be recognized as the author and writer that I know I am (and I want to build a living wage with the income to support my family and our home). I honestly believe that when I put the first two elements into practice the third element MUST follow suit.

I confess that I am the one that wanted to talk about how to measure the success of your blog. It takes the pressure off of me to have an outside source declare me a success. No matter how many other sources make that declaration, if I am not meeting my own expectations then I will always feel like I am struggling.

If I want to have success for my blog then I have to define success for my blog (and then I have to be determined to take the actions to get there).

Keep it simple – because it is!

How do YOU define blog success? Share your thoughts and links in the comments below.

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