Seven Tips for Getting Organized to Write

Seven Tips for Getting Organized to Write

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Get organized to write because organization keeps you focused and on target. You need to be organized to write, but you also need to be organized right – in a way that works for you and that you will work. Once you know how to be organized then you have to make the choice to be consistent in organizing how you write as well as organizing where you write.

Organized Defined

Organization means different things to different people and different things in different spaces to each of those people. The study notebook I carry around with me has defined sections and everything stays in its section. The files on my desk are more piles than files but I always know what is where. It works for me. Define organization for you so that you can create a plan that will work for you.

The Organized Space

Start with the space. A cluttered space will hinder the flow of words. If your writing space is covered with stuff then where will you write? If you don’t keep your projects in order then how will you know what to work on when you have time to write? Clean up your space and make a plan to keep it clean.

The Organized Word

Keep your words in order. The creative mind can spin at a rate that makes even the writer dizzy. But if you don’t catch the words while they are spinning, they will likely spin out of existence or at least go crowd in the corner where you can’t find them. Think of creative ways you can capture and fence in the words and then begin putting them in order.

The Organized Schedule

If you don’t make writing a priority then you will never have time to write. Every year, in November, millions of folks make writing a priority for the month. National Novel Writing Month challenges people to write 50,000 words in one month. But if you don’t commit to the time then the words won’t get written. You have to clear space in your schedule if you are going to have time to write.

The Organized Creative

Don’t be ruled by the muse. Create habits that ignite creativity. Know what sparks the word flow and practice on a consistent basis. For some, variety is the spice of life – draw something, dance a little, change writing projects. Creativity in one area will allow for creativity for other areas.

Organized a Little Bit at a Time

It all happens a little bit at a time – one little bit of effort, one little step, one little word at a time. If you focus on the little bits then you will be organized for the big goals. Think of writing for 15 minutes, or for one page, or for whatever little bit works for you.

Organized for Success

It is all about you, so how do you define it. You need to take a moment to define what success means to you and what it looks like for you or you will never be able to reach your success. As long as you give others the power to define success for you, you will struggle to work it out. Define your success.

Organization works when it is unique for you because you are unique. You can (and should) learn from others, but you have to work out your unique ways. Getting organized is all about finding your way to manage your journey. Create an organization plan that will get you to where you. Be organized to write so you can write into your success.

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