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Simple Tips to Help You Write Even with Family Around

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“Where is your father?” As soon as the words are out of my mouth, I’m reminded of a commercial where the kids have put the sprinkler in the living room and dad asks “where is your mother?” (For the record, the mom in the commercial is off shopping). There’s one son in the family room …

About Writing

Finding Inspiration for Writing

Successful Freelance Writing Tips

It’s amazing where we end up getting our inspiration. A sunset can launch a sonnet. The right encounter could start (or make the perfect conclusion) for the next great novel. A child’s next “first” is the perfect jumping off point for a “how to” blog. My inspiration comes from my new laptop. It’s not that …

Business of Freelance

Budget Boost Turned Budget Bust

I was scammed – and not just once. “Stupid, stupid, stupid.” I kicked myself repeatedly (and my husband was kind enough to agree!). It all started when I wanted to help out the family budget and earn a little extra cash. I signed up for Mavishare, which seemed harmless enough. I tried a few offers …