Only YOU Can Create Your Writing Success

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My path to writing success may not relate to your path, but that does not make my path wrong.”

The article I read declared that self-publishing was an INSULT to the written word. I thought the declaration not only harsh, but wrong. I shared my thoughts in a post right after I read it. Thinking about it still upsets me.

THEY are wrong!

THEY are wrong about the value of self-publishing – or indie publishing. THEY are wrong about the value of gatekeepers. THEY are wrong about what I should and should not do with my life or for my writing journey.

THEY are wrong in part because THEY are not me. THEY are also wrong because THEY are trying to shove every single writer into the same box – maybe paint it different or put up wallpaper, but it’s the same box.

I had calmed down a little when I read an article about a well-known publisher going out of business. It closed its doors and left authors scrambling for help. I know people personally involved with the publisher and my heart hurt for them. Those authors followed the “right” path that THEY told them to follow and those authors are now stranded – many without even a life vest. Their visions of writing success sank with the closure.

My own life distracted me (or refocused me back to where I needed to be focused.) I moved forward in what I knew I needed to be doing and left the demands of THEY in the dust.

UNTIL . . .

Isn’t that the way it always works? All is well until. For me, the “until” this time was a post by friend and fellow author/publisher Nate Fortner (from Whosoeverpress). He had stumbled across some of the publishing packages out there and was shocked at the cost of working with the companies.

He had to share – and in his sharing he got me going once again.

Writing can be rough. Finding writing success can feel impossible. I have suffered from this same affliction that many authors face and I have suffered for far too long. I thought that someone else had the answer. I believed that the right logo or title would put me on the path to my writing success. It may be that even THEY are a part of my journey but I am the only one that has the answer.

There is no easy button!

You have a message. Believe in yourself. Get committed to your success.” – Nate Fortner

Every writer will take a unique path because every writer is unique, but every write will have to TAKE a path. It will not happen to the person (despite my deep down dream of being tackled by a publisher and forced to sign a contract). It will not happen for the person. The person must take the action and take control to see their success through.

Are you ready for your writing success?

If yes, then it is up to you to make it happen.

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