The Noise of Instant Success

The Noise of Instant Success

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Instant success is a delusion masquerading as a possiblity

Stop the INSANITY!

No matter what THEY say, no matter what THEY promise, no matter what THEY declare (or how loud THEY do it), there is NO EASY BUTTON and there is no instant success.

Sorry for all the shouting, but enough already.

The last several weeks my feed has been filled to overflow with promises, offers, and schpeels of every shape, form, or fashion. What frustrates me the most is that people are running after these promotions, not because the programs have been proven to work for everyone but because it offers an easy button to instant success – or it provides the illusion of that easy and instant success.

For the record, there are no easy buttons to success. Overnight success stories have invested in the ultimate results. Sometimes the investment is sweat equity. Sometimes the investment is financial equity. Sometimes the investment is relationship equity. No matter what direction it comes, there will be an investment.

More importantly, if you want what you get to be lasting then there has to be an investment. You have to be personally invested in what you are doing and where you are going if you expect to keep moving in that direction. Every moment invested in building the connections and developing the platform is a moment preparing the way for your future.

Avoiding the Quick Fix Syndrome for Instant Success

    Keep a record of what you are doing. The times when I am most frustrated about where I am are the times when I haven’t been doing all that much. I may look like I’m doing, but I am only busy. Busy is not the same as doing. I need to keep a record of what I’m doing so I can keep my focus on where I’m going.

    Don’t wait. The longer the wait the more desperate things become. Trying to create the success that will pay the mortgage due tomorrow will create a need to grasp the easy button but will dig the hole even deeper.

    It takes a secure foundation. That is why it is important not to walk away from your current job before you have in place a foundation for your future success. Do leap, but do have a plan for where you are leaping (and a life preserver to hold you up in the deep end).

It is possible to have your success as a writer, as an entrepreneur, or simply in life. It WILL require an investment. Hide the ads for quick fixes. Turn off the videos of the magic gurus. Turn away from the shouted promises of “overnight success.” At the very least, read all the fine print and ask LOTS of questions. Their way may have worked for them, but it is up to you to make your way.

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