No and Know are Keys to Getting Stuff Done

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When you are struggling to get stuff done for your day, strip it back to the basics to find your way to get it done.

The day started off already behind. Even worse, it was weeks behind because of the chaos and circumstances that had been getting in the way.

NaNoWriMo? Don’t even get me started.
BlogLikeCrazy? How about just blog at all at this point.

I took some time to share some thoughts on how to find my balance over at – but then I got a Tweet from my friend, Thom Rigsby. He took it down to something even more simple than I had been considering – just two words.

Know and No Make the Difference

He started with “know.” You have to know where you are going if you are going to make the choices to get you there. I still have plenty of time to get my #NaNoWriMo written even though the first of the month was not what I expected.

But I have to know the outcome I want. Otherwise, I will continue to do stuff and not get any stuff done.

The second thing he focused on was “no.” I have said it more times than I can count – just say no. It is one of the most basic phrases out there, but for some reason we struggle to use it. “No” does not have to be offensive or dismissive, it just means that it is not for me in the moment.

You can get it all done – just put to work the simple practice of know and no.

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