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“Maybe you answered the call but at some point gave up. You started down the road but decided to retire or settle, and at some point you let go. You settled for good when you were called to greatness.” Jeff Goins – The Art of Work

How did he know? How had he managed to write the very words that were creeping through my head and pushing me down into a hole of settled?

The words that he shared so hit their mark that there was nothing to do but cry – and write. The truth is that words are so much a part of who I am that I would never be able to function if they were not part of what I am doing.

And yet, I had been contemplating walking away from the dream. I was preparing myself for a life settled into okay or good enough instead of pushing myself into that place of extraordinary living.

I am not alone. I know that anyone stepping out into the road less traveled occasionally finds the need to curl up in a ball on the side of that road and cry “why?”

Why am I doing this?
Why am I not getting to success that I desire?
Why not me?

It rarely works out like I have it in my head. It would be nice if it did – but this journey involves too many variables (and way too many people) to be just what I want and expect.

Breaking through the moment of “am I good enough” and “should I just give up” is not always easy but I make you this promise – you are good enough. If you have a BIG DREAM and if you have the persistent diligence to pursue that dream then you will reach it.

Today on #WriteTalk, Kathryn Lang shares some raw truths about the pursuit of purpose

You are good enough.
You can make a living with words.
You can reach your desired success.

Tips for Breaking Out of Settled

    – Build up a wellspring of encouragement. Find people that will cheer you on in this journey and that will help you be bold in pursuit.

    – Learn something every day. Read books outside your genre or field. Attend classes (online or in person). Be open to the wisdom and insight that others have gained from their unique journey.

    – Write something every day. Ultimately the ONLY way to build writing success is to write.

    – Believe in the words that you are creating. Speak words of affirmation over your journey. Keep a book of positive insights and reviews (and look over them regularly). Feed the positive and the possibility because negative cannot dwell where they exisit.

    – Be flexible in the pursuit of the purpose. A plan is vital to success, but honing the plan, the path, and the focus must also be included.

It is possible. It just takes a commitment of pursuit and an investment in persistent work.

Are you ready to be more than good enough and to begin living a life of greatness?

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