Mimosas Help Writers Make the Mosmostest of the Words

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Writing should be done without limits or restrictions. Writing is the art. The craft of the language comes into effect through the re-writing and editing process. Freedom paints words on a canvas of lined paper.

Let the Words Run Free

I attended a writing workshop at a friend’s house far from my home. It required an extra early rise time, and even though I had stopped for breakfast I was still hungry when I arrived at her home.

She greeted us at the door and directed us to the kitchen for refreshments. The counter had a large container of orange juice and the table was covered with delicious delights.

I waited my turn, looking forward to the refreshing cup of Vitamin C and noticed some of the other refreshments across the room. The empty bottles of champagne left me wondering if the party had started the night before and they had just not bothered to clean.

Until I got to the front of the line. As soon as the “orange juice” started filling my cup, I realized it was not unaccompanied. In other words, it was NOT orange juice, but instead was a mimosa concoction sure to lighten the heart.

I passed on the mimosa option and found my way to some bottled waters, certain that those would not contain any fermented additions.

The mimosa experience (or near experience) did give me a thought. What words would I release if a mimosa was my first beverage of the morning?

I have heard from more than one writer about the struggles of being exposed. Most people don’t want to be vulnerable.

I often challenge people to write naked – to be open and honest with the words. Pouring a mimosa or two into the mix might be just what is needed to loosen up the words a little.

The Importance of Relaxed Words

  • A loose tongue gathers no moss. Or maybe that’s supposed to be a rolling stone. Either way, the idea is momentum makes a difference. Get the words going and you will be able to keep the words going.
  • A loose tongue has no leash. Creativity unleashes a world of possibility and unfettered creativity unleashes exponentially. When you let the words go where they won’t – without rules or limits – then you may be surprised where they go.
  • A loose tongue has no filter. An unfiltered release of words stacks up a mound of letters and syllables that can be worked into something amazing (and sometimes many amazing things.

Some of the best family gathers I ever attended involved little fermented beverages, not because people acted crazy (they did that anyway . . . which explains a lot about the way I am). It was because they were more open and honest than they might have been if they had been locked into their “normal” boxes.

When you write with a loose tongue, you allow the words to go where they want without a demand on their direction. The writing is the art of painting with words. The craft comes in later and will mold your art into more than you have been possible if you had stayed “within the lines.”

How do you “write naked”?

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