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make money writing. It takes some skill and some boldness, but persistence and determination are two of the most important keys when it comes to making money writing.

Keys to Making Money Writing

  1. Unlock your passion – discover what it is that you love and then determine to share that information.
  2. Create a plan for your success – set up a business plan that will help guide your writing and financial decisions. Making money – in any business – requires a plan to guide the way but when it comes to making money writing it can be the difference between success and being broke.
  3. Develop a format – it can be writing for others, writing for self or tweaking your writing into other forms of income (like speaking, ads or greeting cards). There is no limit to your direction expect for your own willingness to give it a try.
  4. Learn your markets – find the places that are best suited to your writing style (and your income needs) and then pursue those markets.
  5. Find the right vehicle – you can write online or you can write for print. Each direction has some pros and some cons. Each direction will have challenges along the way. In the end, making money from writing is more about you than about WHERE you write.

You can start making money writing today. It is just a matter of finding your niche and then jumping into that niche to earn income. Making money writing is not nearly as difficult as developing the skills, the talents and the connections to BECOME the freelance writer that you dream of being one day.

What are your favorite tips for making money writing?

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