How to Write Quick Consistent Blog Content

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A chat on Twitter prompted me to expand on the ideas I was trying to share. It seems 140 characters caused confusion. The ideas seemed simple enough. The explanations seemed plain.

I was reminded of the time my husband called me and asked me how to make biscuits (using a biscuit mix). I was shocked, and I honestly thought – for a brief moment – that he had called to tease me. He was serious. My response was just as simple and just as plain in my eyes. “Pour some of the mix in a bowl. Add some buttermilk until you have a dough that you can work into biscuits.” He has seen me do the drop biscuits – which I prefer so I don’t have the added clean up from rolling them out.

Instead of delighted appreciation, I heard empty silence coming from the other end of the phone.

After another moment, he asked – with all sincerity – “Don’t you have measurements?”

I have since learned the measurements that I use. I took the time one day to measure everything out. I also learned that just because I know what I’m talking about doesn’t mean I can make you understand what I know.

Which brings me back to my Twitter conversation.

Tom was struggling to schedule out his posts on his website. I shared my formula. Apparently, “pour some mix in a bowl and add buttermilk” doesn’t work for Tom either.

Successful Blog Writing Formula

  • Keep it simple. HA . . . that made me laugh a little, mainly because simple is relative. If you are using WordPress.ORG, when you start to post a new article, there are two tabs at the top of the “post new” screen. One says “visual” and the other says “text.” Click on the “text” tab. This will give you the raw data of what you are posting (including any coding).

    I like this path for posting because it helps reduce the amount of “extra” code that WYSIWYG can produce.

  • Create a template. After creating content for other companies and websites for almost a decade, I discovered there are only a few different ways to “break up” your online content. Use lists, images, quotes, or headers. I did this for several different post types. I included the coding I would use to embed links, make headers, and other basic coding.

  • Blog Faster Post Templates

  • Write your content. There are days when it seems the ideas don’t stop. Don’t stop them. Write the stories and then save them as a draft in your WordPress.ORG website.
  • Schedule the content. Content may be king, but consistency is definitely the queen. Make the most of all the content you created by spreading it out. Open up one of your drafts (or you can do this as you are posting your articles if you want). If you look up above the “publish” button, you will see “edit” next to a tiny calendar and a “publish immediately” sign. Click the “edit.” This will let you set the day AND time for your post to go live. Be sure to click “OK” after you set it. Now you can schedule or you can save the draft to work on later. Start with one post per week. Schedule out one post for several weeks or several months. Once you populate out for a bit, you can start adding a second post per week, and then a third or however far you can go before you run out of drafted content.

You don’t have to write posts every day to create consistent content for your website. A few (hopefully) simple steps can help you create content fast that will keep you posting consistently.

Share your Tips

What are your top tips for creating content and staying consistent with your blog? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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