How to Wrangle Words for Growing Your Platform

How to Wrangle Words for Growing Your Platform

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Keep it simple by finding creative ways to wrangle your words into a product you can use to build your platform and promote your book.

    You grow your platform by writing a book.

    You get your book published by having a platform.

Does anyone else see the problem here?

Many years ago, I was encouraged to expand my website views by offering a product. “You need to write an eBook.” They told me.

They didn’t understand that I was not only building my website, but I was already writing a fiction book, home schooling three boys, and trying to keep the house guest ready. At the time, we regularly hosted 20 to 25 homeschool kids every week.

I didn’t have time to write an eBook. I didn’t have time to even think of a topic for an eBook.

It was about this same time another friend encouraged me to pull together some of my related articles I had already written and package them together. “Don’t make it so complicated.” She told me.

We often run into a brick wall, not because we don’t have the time, the money, or the resources, but because we are making something complicated out of something that should be simple.

Keep it simple - writing your book

Simple Steps to Wrangle Words

  • Do a word search on your website for a topic of interest. If you don’t have a website then search in your own writing files for a phrase or word that you want as your focus.
  • Make an outline of points for your focus. It has been said that if you can come up with 8 to10 points about a topic then you can write a book on the topic.
  • Compile up to twenty related articles (for each point). We are only looking for 7,000 to 15,000 words for your eBook. If you want to compile a print book you may need more related articles.

  • Grab a highlighter (or cut and paste if you are leaving it all on the computer) and go through the articles point by point. Some articles may work as they are – which is fine. Even if the content is also available on your website, you will be adding additional content as well.
  • Write an introduction to each point (which will be each chapter). Keep it simple. Tell them what you are going to tell them.
  • Write an introduction to your book/eBook. Add in a personal story if possible to show why the content matters.
  • Make it look pretty. Formatting for a print book or eBook marketplace needs to be simple and clean. If you are formatting for a downloadable product on your website then you can add graphics, quotes, or others images along with a footer and header pointing back to your website.

You can wrangle any of your words into a book using these basic steps. Go from blog posts to a book; podcast to eBook; or presentation to book by taking the words you have already created and breathing in new life.

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