How to Define Your Target with Simple Steps

How to Define Your Target with Simple Steps

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The target market for your books focuses on the ideal person that would read your book. You need a target market to help you determine where you will engage, where you will advertise, and how you will promote.

Have you defined your target market?

The first time someone asked me who I wrote for I told them that anyone could benefit from what I wrote. Fortunately, it was not someone from the writing industry or else that person would probably still be laughing.

You can’t write for everybody or else you end up writing for nobody.

The next time someone asked me who I wrote for I told them, “women” – because someone had told me that was who I wrote for. Within a few days, I received emails and in-person comments about my books – ALL FROM MEN.

You can’t let someone else define who it is you are writing for – because they don’t know you or your reader.

I finally took some time to figure out what it meant to define a target market and also to find my target market for myself.

Define Your Target

  • Who do you think of when you are writing? When I write a blog post, like this one, I often think of me – especially as I was starting out. Use this person as a foundation for your ideal target.
  • Make a list of the details about that one person. Every IS important – from whether that one person likes coffee or tea or if that person is a new writer or an experienced writer. More details mean more focus.
  • Tell a story. Write out a paragraph or two about how your ideal person spends his or her day. If you don’t want to tell a story then you can always just keep a list. Telling a story can be a fun way to get to know your target better.

define target to create possibility ripples

Honing your target makes it easier to reach more people. It might sound counterintuitive, but it is true. When you know the one person you are writing for then it is like dropping a rock into a still pond (with the rock being your one). When the rock hits the pond, the rock itself doesn’t affect the whole pond, but it does cause ripples that move throughout the pond.

Knowing your one target helps you create a ripple effect for your words.

Have you had experience creating a target persona or avatar? Share your tips below.

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