Find Your Voice – Quote of the Day and More

Find Your Voice – Quote of the Day and More

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Quote of the Day

There is nothing new under the sun except the voice you use to share.

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Writing Opportunity

Radish is looking for freelance writers for Radish Originals, their daily serialized stories produced in-house.

Writing Prompt

You are alone in the house when you hear a knocking on the door. You look out the window only to find a woodpecker on your stoop, knocking on the door. Why is he knocking?

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Word of the Day

Oddsbodikins – a mild swear (likely euphemism to avoid using the Lord’s name in vain)

Building Your Writing Success

Define Your Voice

The only difference between you and other writers is the voice you use to tell the story. You have a unique style, a unique perspective, a unique lilt to your words. When you discover that voice then you are one step closer to building your writing success.

But how?

First, write without expectations. Invest a few days writing free-form content. Review what you’ve written and see if you find any common elements.

Second, ask others that you trust (and that have read some of the content that makes you most proud) what they see in your writing. Descriptive words will help you find your voice.

Finally, keep evaluating your writing. The more elements crop up in what you are doing the more you will be able to embrace your voice.

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