How to Determine Your Favorite Author

How to Determine Your Favorite Author

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How to Determine Your Favorite Author by Kathryn Lang

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I was sitting next to a lady at an event. Ellen Sallas had already won my heart with her quick (and snarky) with, but when I glanced over at her author table next to mine she also won my admiration.

She was reading. Right there in the middle of this event she was reading. She was sitting there, behind her table, thoroughly engrossed in the book she was reading. Around her, people were trying to get the attention of the people glancing around, but Ellen was reading.

It wasn’t so much that she was reading that grabbed my attention. The book that held her attention made me sit up and it made me ask. “What are you doing?”

She smiled – it was that kind of Cheshire Cat grin that tells you there is more to the story than what is being said. “I just can’t seem to put it down.”

She was reading one of her own books and she believed in those words so much that she enjoyed them. It put her in a great position to share her words with others that would ask – and they did.

I took that moment and then I added my own twist – although it has taken me several years to get bold enough to follow through with the idea.

“Who is your favorite author?” That question comes up a LOT when you are around a lot of writers. I shared authors that had impacted me or my journey in a significant way. I shared authors that had inspired my own words. I shared authors that made me laugh.

Before . . .

Now . . .

I always say Kathryn Lang. Why? I say “Kathryn Lang” because there is no author whose words mean more than those that I have crafted myself. I put my heart and my prayers into the words. I believe in the words. The words that I pour out are the most meaningful in my life.

I have started doing the same with my books – a boldness inspired by Ellen and her engrossed enjoyment of her book. When questioned about what book someone should enjoy next, I will share one of my own – depending on if it fits the needs or desires of the person asking.

It is not being a braggart or trying to push my agenda. Instead, I am honestly sharing what I see to be a benefit. My words are important to me and I want to share those words with others. Recently, I shared my latest book – THEY – because the asker wanted a mystery and she was from the area where the book is set.

Too often, I put others first, ahead of my own journey. Others always seem to get the platform when it comes to art (and yes, WORDS are art – never forget that). I see them as more valuable because they are traditionally published, or have a syndicated something-or-other, or because they crafted classics and have sold millions.

They wrote words. Their words have value. But the value of the words that others crafted does not (and should not) diminish the words that I have crafted.

I am my favorite author – and you should be our favorite author as well.

Kathryn Lang - Author speaker Hopesmith
#Hopesmith. #Dream inspirer. Master of “it’s all about #relationships.” Aficionado of inappropriate laughter, Kathryn Lang has been helping others find the time to make their dreams come true. She shares with people that are trying to walk the tightrope of family, work, and faith – and keep them all in the right balance. She has a sense of humor, enjoys a little snark now and then, and references movies and songs in her everyday speech – As an award-winning author, master multi-tasker, and encourager extraordinaire Kathryn encourages you to laugh because laughter helps make this journey worthwhile.

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