Cost of Writing as a Career

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Being a writer can get expensive. There are the regular expenses of paper and ink the make a dent in the bottom line. Add in the new resources that come available online and in the store, then the conferences and finally the courses and classes and it is a wonder any writer can make a living.

Making a career out of writing – and one that pays a wage you and your family can live off of – means getting creative beyond just the words you put down. You have to figure out ways to use what you already have and even more creative paths to get those things that you want for tomorrow.

Quick Tips for Finding Savings as a Writer

    1. Cut back on the electronic expenses by choosing to upgrade instead of buying something new. The computer you have may not be perfect, but a $50 investment on additional memory could get it a lot closer to perfect.

    2. Use the library and the internet for many of your needed resources. Your local library will often order books that are requested so you can request your must have new releases. The internet offers a HUGE span of free eBooks and blogs that can give you all the information you need for your writing career. The best thing is that these are all free.

    3. Trade out with other writers and teachers. Offer to guest blog, do online reviews, or what ever is needed. Ask if you can get a discount or free admission. One online conference that I attend regularly (A Woman Inspired) is always looking for hosts and will provide free or discounted fees to those who will do the job. Conferences may also provide you with discounts if you are willing to put in some work during the event.

    4. Trade out with other professionals. You may not be able to handle the technical aspects of your blog and your designer may struggle with content. Trade out services so that you both get the best of both worlds.

    5. Share with others in your area. Meet on a weekly, monthly or quarterly schedule and bring along all of the resources that you have collected. You can share your subscriptions and other investments with others and reduce the amount of investment that you each have to make.

    6. Join writing groups. Find people that can mentor you and that you can mentor. You will learn more from these times than you are likely to learn in all of the classes you will ever attend.

Writing as a career can get expensive. Developing a plan that includes some of the quick tips for finding savings as a writer may be all that you need to help your writing business stay in the black.

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