Choose Different – Daily Prompt, Word, and Opportunity for July 2 2019

Choose Different – Daily Prompt, Word, and Opportunity for July 2 2019

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Quote of the Day

The same old same old will render the same old results. If you want different
choose different.

Want different - choose different

Writing Opportunity

Chicken Soup for the Soul books are always on the lookout for great stories that touch the heart. If you have a story about your cat or that makes folks laugh (and makes you laugh) every time you tell it then check out these upcoming opportunities.

Possible Book Topics for Chicken Soup Books

Writing Prompt

You come home to find a note on your bathroom mirror – but you live alone. What does it say?

bathroom mirror writing prompt

Word of the Day

Taradiddle – a petty lie; nonsense (or maybe that definition is made up)

word of the day - taradiddle

Building Your Writing Success

Choose Different

Want different - choose different

You can only get there when you choose to go there. If you want writing success then you have to make the choice to pursue your writing success.

Define your goal. Look at what you have done to reach that goal. Measure the success of the actions you have taken to date.

Are they working?

If they are, keep going and keep pushing. Even a little momentum can move a mountain.

If they are not working, then it’s time to choose differently. You can’t get to a different place if you keep making the same choices.

If you want different results then make the choice for different.

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