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How to Find Inspiration for Your Novel

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Inspiration sparks imagination. Imagination drives the words. Sometimes the inspiration refuses to come out of the shadows. Look in unexpected or unusual places to find your next inspirational nugget. Look to Social Media The first SELTI Tourism Fiction Contest focused on the Moundville Archeological Park. The short story had to feature the mounds or the …

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How to Define Your Target with Simple Steps

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The target market for your books focuses on the ideal person that would read your book. You need a target market to help you determine where you will engage, where you will advertise, and how you will promote. Have you defined your target market? The first time someone asked me who I wrote for I …

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Top Reasons to Write – Why Do What You Do

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It has been said that if you can find what you love doing and then determine a way to make a living doing it then you will never have to work a day in your life. So, why do you write? I woke up determined to take on the day. It was pitch dark in …

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No and Know are Keys to Getting Stuff Done

When you are struggling to get stuff done for your day, strip it back to the basics to find your way to get it done. The day started off already behind. Even worse, it was weeks behind because of the chaos and circumstances that had been getting in the way. NaNoWriMo? Don’t even get me …

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Take the Steps to Move You into Your Writing Success

Kathryn Lang shared some thoughts on how she was pursuing her writing dreams – and she took a moment to clarify what she meant by that goal. She was inspired by Hugh Howey. Tips from Kathryn Lang for Reaching Your Dreams Work harder than anyone else. Coach Bear Bryant (from the University of Alabama) said …

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Learn How to Break Writer’s Block

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Writer’s block uses a number of disguises to keep me from writing the words I know I need to be writing. The more attention I give to writer’s block, the strong or more powerful it seems to become. I have discovered that if I will face down writer’s block and press on with the words, …

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How to Determine Your Favorite Author

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How to Determine Your Favorite Author by Kathryn Lang [tweetthis]There is only one #author that should be your favorite author that is YOU[/tweetthis] I was sitting next to a lady at an event. Ellen Sallas had already won my heart with her quick (and snarky) with, but when I glanced over at her author table …

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When Hope Takes Action – a Guest Post by Susan Day

When hope takes action by Susan Day We all like to hope. We might hope for nice weather or hope our boss takes notice of our work. We hope our kids grow up into good people, and get satisfying careers and have a loving partner. We hope our book will sell millions and all our …

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Organized Pantser Defined

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Being a pantser came natural to my writing. Pantsing provided the process for living. I had a plan for life – my long term goals and objectives – but I lived out life in the moment (and often moment by moment). It made sense that I would write in that same manner. I always had …

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Platform vs Security – Finding a Balance

Security as a writer can be a challenge – but there is a way to create a balance between security and platform. The internet is NOT a private place. One episode of NCIS or Blacklist or any other spy/cop/mystery show should prove that (because yes, if it is on television then it is possible, right?). …