Career Basics for Writers – Create a Plan

Career Basics for Writers – Create a Plan

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A writing career needs some basic business foundations to create a path for success.

Creating a business plan should be the first step anyone takes when stepping into a new business venture. People who are launching a new business need to know the where, the why, and most definitely the how of the journey.

If you are pursuing an income through your writing then you have to treat your writing like a business – because professional writing IS A BUSINESS!

A Writing Plan can be as complex as the 20 page packet companies use to approach lenders and investors – complete with graphics, statistics, and market analysis. It could be that a writing plan with such details could set the foundation for future book proposals.

A Writing Plan can be as simple as a few notes jotted down in a notebook (dated for future reference, of course). These notes provide the guidance for taking steps and making the better choices amidst the opportunities that arise.

Not matter how details or how simple the plan, there needs to be a plan.

Basic Bones of a Writing Plan


    This statement encompasses the “why” of it all. What do you want to do with the words that you are creating?

A summary of the aims and values; the bumper explanation of purpose that guides the direction of action


    This statement points the cart in a particular direction. It is the “where” of the journey. Where do you want to do with the words you are sharing?

The roadmap that provides the desired success destination


    Create a breakdown of what it will cost to pursue the words, what the words need to produce to create a livable income for the professional pursuit, and also specific points for how the income will be attained.

Estimate the income and expenditures so that you can be financially prepared for the journey


    Marketing is about two things – creating lasting connections with people and being relentlessly helpful in those connections. You need a plan about who you are attempting to help and how you will reach them.

Marketing is defined as promoting and selling, but in reality it is all about relationships

Before taking another step in pursuit of freelance writing or any avenue of a writing career, make a plan. Including these four elements will help you to establish a solid foundation for building up a profession with words.

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