The Blogging 7 Deadly Sins

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7 Things that can help you kill your website

Blogging is not just a job. Blogging is not a just a marketing tool. Blogging is not just a way to pour out your thoughts on unsuspecting visitors. Blogging can end up being all of these things, at least in part, but at its core blogging is about relationships.

I have to invest my words in a way that engages the readers, adds to the reader, and benefits the reader. It is not just about me. The people that visit my website are more than just readers. They are the foundation and the purpose for creating the blog posts in the first place.

The best way to blow up the blog and waste the investing is to commit any of the 7 Deadly Sins of Blogging.

Blogging Deadly Sins

  1. Focus on me – one post about my life may be okay or one rant about what I am dealing with might be acceptable. When it becomes all about me and only about me then readers will become burned out with the self-fascination.

    Avoid the me focus by purposefully looking for some insight, instruction, or inspiration that will benefit the reader

  2. Put purpose before content. There is a reason for me doing what I am doing, but readers aren’t all that interested in MY purpose. They want to be helped with their purpose. After the initial contact moment, readers want something that benefits them.

    Avoid the loss of interest by remembering that content is the king of the internet and the content for your website needs to be “purpose” associated but always reader focused.

  3. Jump from idea to idea. A website with scattered ideas or themes, constantly changing and moving and shifting, with a wide range of unrelated topics will lose the interest of readers. Readers will excuse a range of topics as long as they have a feel for some type of theme.

    Avoid the scattered content by settling on an idea that allows readers to know what to expect when they show up

  4. Missing consistency – or just write when you want to write. Readers want consistency in focus, consistency in new content, and consistency in voice – a lack of consistency will drive the readers away in droves.

    Avoid the lack of consistency by creating an editorial calendar – remember the number of postings is not as important as the consistency of the posts.

  5. Loss of pride in the creation. Just put something out there and expect readers to appreciate the effort no matter the results.

    Invest some effort to check basic grammar and invest in editing the content to produce the most professional product you can produce.

  6. No personal interest or investment. Create a blog because it is the next big thing or the current hot topic.

    Choose topics that are of interest for you so that you can create content that shows that interest.

  7. Rely on controversy and sensationalism. Focus on the headlines that are stirring the emotions of others.

    Keep the controversy limited and also connected to your theme and voice.

Blogging is words, but it is also an investment in words meant to grow and engage relationships. The right focus, the right tools, and the right implementation – that works for you and for your voice – are all important tools to defeat the deadly sins of blogging and launch your blog to its success.

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