Be Unique to Grow Your Writing Platform

Be Unique to Grow Your Writing Platform

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Building a writing platform is hard work. It takes more than words on the screen. It requires more investment than comments on social media. The experts will tell you what you have to do, but each expert will have different steps, different orders, or sometimes different directions altogether. You have to find YOUR way because your way is unique.

Top Secrets to Grow YOUR Writing Platform

  • Remember that social media is first, and foremost, SOCIAL. Find an outlet that works for you and then utilize that outlet in a way that works for you. It is not just about the social media design but about how you work the social media.

  • Be younique. Take in all the advice and all the suggestions and then create a plan that suits your lifestyle, your personality, and your focus. You are different from everyone else so embrace that different.
  • Take unexpected steps. It can be interesting to look at what everyone else is doing and then try something that nobody else is doing just to see the results. And sometimes, through those unexpected tests you discover the gem that elevates your platform to unexpected levels.
  • Excel at what you are doing now before you move on. There are new social media and software popping up all the time (and you can even create your own social opportunities and apps) but that does not mean you need to do it all. Choose one and master it before moving on.
  • It is ALL about building relationships. Whatever you are doing or wherever you are going, relationships are the foundation. Invest in others to grow up the relationships that are going to hold up the walls of your writing platform.

It is not about the pattern that others followed or even the path that others took. It is all about finding the way that works for you. You are unique therefore you need to build your writing platform in a way that fits within and around your uniqueness.

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