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3 Simple Tips for Measuring the Success of a Blog

The real measure of a website or blog success is not the number of people that visit or the number of engagements or even the number of sales that are made. The real measure of a blog is whether it meets my needs and goals. It is up to me to define these and when …

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Learn How to Break Writer’s Block

Successful Freelance Writing Tips

Writer’s block uses a number of disguises to keep me from writing the words I know I need to be writing. The more attention I give to writer’s block, the strong or more powerful it seems to become. I have discovered that if I will face down writer’s block and press on with the words, …

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How to Determine Your Favorite Author

Marketing for Successful Freelance Writing

How to Determine Your Favorite Author by Kathryn Lang [tweetthis]There is only one #author that should be your favorite author that is YOU[/tweetthis] I was sitting next to a lady at an event. Ellen Sallas had already won my heart with her quick (and snarky) with, but when I glanced over at her author table …

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When Hope Takes Action – a Guest Post by Susan Day

When hope takes action by Susan Day We all like to hope. We might hope for nice weather or hope our boss takes notice of our work. We hope our kids grow up into good people, and get satisfying careers and have a loving partner. We hope our book will sell millions and all our …

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Make a Living Writing by Treating the Words Professionally

Successful Freelance Writing Tips

If you want to make a living writing and you want to build a living wage with your words then you have to treat it like a job. It IS a job. It can be a serious hobby, or something just for fun, but if I want it to be serious then I have to …


The Blogging 7 Deadly Sins

7 Things that can help you kill your website Blogging is not just a job. Blogging is not a just a marketing tool. Blogging is not just a way to pour out your thoughts on unsuspecting visitors. Blogging can end up being all of these things, at least in part, but at its core blogging …

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Writing Job of the Day and Tips for Writing Success – Feb 16 2017

Writing Job of the Day: Staff Writer for Southern Living For the experienced writer that is looking for a place to plant roots in the South. This will be a full-time position and it will require some travel. # # # Building Freelance Writing Success 1. Look daily – because there are new opportunities posted …

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Organized Pantser Defined

Successful Freelance Writing Tips

Being a pantser came natural to my writing. Pantsing provided the process for living. I had a plan for life – my long term goals and objectives – but I lived out life in the moment (and often moment by moment). It made sense that I would write in that same manner. I always had …

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Writing Job Focus and Freelance Writing Tips – Feb 15 2017

Job of the Day: For the love of country . . . country music that is! Wide Open Country is “looking for writers who can consistently create articles on country music and lifestyle topics with an engaging, but informative tone to be published on Wide Open Country.” You will need some knowledge of SEO and …

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Platform vs Security – Finding a Balance

Security as a writer can be a challenge – but there is a way to create a balance between security and platform. The internet is NOT a private place. One episode of NCIS or Blacklist or any other spy/cop/mystery show should prove that (because yes, if it is on television then it is possible, right?). …