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Quote of the Day

Get it written and then you can get it right.

get it written

Writing Opportunity

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Writing Prompt

Write a story that includes these three words:


The only rules – keep the story under 650 words and include all three of the prompt words.

Be sure to share a link to your story in the comments below.

writing prompt - flash fiction

Word of the Day

Sesquipedalianism – characterized by the use of long words; long and ponderous

word of the day - Sesquipedalianism

Building Your Writing Success

Just Write

The only way to build a career with words is to make writing a priority.

You will always be writing a book until you write a book.
You will always be writing a post until you write the post.
You will always be doing until you work through and get it done.

Write the story until the story is done – no editing, not beta readers – just you and the words.

After the story is done then go back and begin to craft it through the editing and rewriting process.

You can’t improve on something that you haven’t finished.

Just write!

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