3 Simple Tips for Measuring the Success of a Blog

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Successful Freelance Writing Tips

The real measure of a website or blog success is not the number of people that visit or the number of engagements or even the number of sales that are made. The real measure of a blog is whether it meets my needs and goals.

It is up to me to define these and when I do then I am positioned to make a difference.

To know if your blog is a success you have to first define what success means to you. Click To Tweet

“What are you getting out of your efforts?” The meeting took a turn from where I thought it was going to go. I had planned on discussing all the wonderful things I had been doing correctly. I expected him to tell me how the problem was in all of the people out there. I needed him to tell me how amazing me – and my content- actually were.

He didn’t. He didn’t rave about my words. He didn’t gush over my design. He didn’t even comment on my consistency.

He dared me to look deeper than the numbers.
He challenged me to uncover the foundation and see if it would last.
He had the audacity to point back to me.

“Why are you doing this?”

He wanted to know why I was doing what I was doing. He wanted me to look at how I was measuring the results. He wanted me to evaluate my efforts and cut back on all the things that were not working for my desired goals.

In other words, he wanted me to measure my blog (and for that matter my social media, my goals, and ultimately my journey) for myself.

I’m now challenging you to think about it. Why do you do it?

Until I know why I’m doing what I’m doing I will get lost in all the doing they tell me I have to do Click To Tweet

Point One | Define the Actions

I ask people this all the time why they are doing what they do when it comes to events and activities that they are doing. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should do something.

“Learn how to say ‘no’ when people ask.” I tell them with authority. I know that loading my schedule down with things can keep me from having room to pursue those things that are in line with my unique passion and purpose.

And yet, I do.

The Internet Gurus and great THEYs of cyberspace tell me what I need to do because they did it and it got them their success.

Every time a new social media is birthed, THEY quickly tell me the importance of my involvement. I follow along without question. THEY know best.

I have to follow my own advice about activities – even those on the internet that are supposed to be the easy button. If it is not helping in the pursuit of my purpose and if I am not seeing any benefits, then maybe it is time to walk away. Just say no.

But FIRST, I have to define my why so that I can define the actions that will meet that why.

Define the why of your website so you can determine the better actions for meeting the why Click To Tweet

Point Two | Determine the Investment

“You have to spend 80% of your time marketing if you want to build a successful business.”

I heard the words he was sharing and I even understood the concept. How many times I have I reminded others that is it ALL about relationships. At its core, marketing is relationships – making connections and being relentlessly helpful.

Despite hearing and understanding, I knew there was no possible way for me to meet his goal.

There are other plates spinning in my life – family, school, home, work – and no matter how much I want to be a success, I am unable to find the juggle capabilities to make 80% of my time go to marketing for my business.

I have to find my way.

I worked out my schedule so that I have time to spend on my writing every day. Now I have to determine how I can turn that time into the 80/20 rule he challenged me to find.

So once, I define my why, I have to determine how I am going to use my time to meet that why (and it will have to meet my life and my journey and not just the rules they have dictated).

Determine the best way to invest your resources for your journey because it will be unique to you Click To Tweet

Point Three| Delegate the Actions

“Do what you can do and what you are good at doing and find someone else to do the rest.”

He encouraged me to connect with others that could share the load – or to look around my house and find willing partners.

I did find some help with the “home” plate, but I knew the rest was up to me. I made use of free trials of different programs and applications to see if the answer for me might be in the technology.

What I found pushed me to order my process – and in ordering my process it made the process more efficient.

In the end, I delegated some of my actions to the technology and it is working for me.

I will also add a little to his suggestion. “Do what you enjoy doing.” I know I do better and I do more when I actually enjoy the process. For the household tasks and chores, I made up a survey of all the chores. I wanted to see what we each liked, tolerated, and hated. Using that survey I can delegate more effectively.

Finally, When I have defined my why and determined my investment then I improve efficiency with the right delegation.

The right plan for you will work because it will be a plan you are willing to put to work Click To Tweet

Measuring the success of a blog happens when I know what success looks like – for me and for what I am attempting to do with the website. By taking these steps – define, determine, and delegate – I make way for understanding my success and then reaching out to grab hold of that success.

It is up to me to set the measurements for my blog success.

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