10 Writing Tips for Developing a Habit of Success

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Developing a writing career begins with words – because without the words there is not avenue for success. You have to write to be a writer.

But life gets in the way or people get in the way or sometimes it is just me getting in the way of my own success. Whatever the “it” may be, there is always in “it” that works against my desire to write.

[tweetthis]I have to make a choice to make the words a priority if I am going to build a successful writing career.[/tweetthis]

The choice will always be mine.

10 Tips to Develop a Habit of #Writing

    1. Write first thing in the morning. It can be for just five minutes – thoughts for the day or ideas for new articles. Make words a morning ritual.

    2. Write before you take a break. After a long day of work you want to wind down and relax. Put the words before the relaxing. Invest just a few minutes to that current WIP.

    3. Write before you go to sleep. Keep note cards or a small notepad by the bed and write down the thoughts or ideas you have for upcoming segments of your latest project.

    4. Set a word target. You can plan on writing a certain number of words each day or aim for a number of days in a row.

    5. Keep a record of what you have written. There are some great downloadable tools to help you hold yourself accountable to the words or you can just write them down at the end of the day.

    6. Join a writing challenge. The 10 Minute Novelists Facebook group has a 365K challenge. The National Novel Writing Month (each November) calls for 50,000 words in one month. Having an aggressive challenge (combined with others that are cheering you on) will help you move words to a place of priority.

    7. Stop thinking about yesterday. It matters not if you produced a lot of words, a few words, or no words at all. Let yesterday go because it will always distract you from the moment.

    8. Write right now if you want to build a habit of writing success. Your writing has to be about right now.

    9. Keep writing. Once you finish the story, the article, or the book. Move on to the next project. A writing career relies on the constant development of words.

    10. Connect with others. Encouragement from those that are on a similar path can be vital to taking the next step.

Writing is not just a career, it is a journey. Building success requires that I invest in the words each and every day. The more I make the words a priority the more I develop a habit for writing and move closer to the success I desire.

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