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How to Build Your Field of Dreams Website

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If you build it, they will come. I watched the movie. I saw the results. I felt certain the same thing would happen online. Certainly, if people could find a cornfield in the middle of nowhere and in finding it they would save a man from financial ruin then they could find my words on …


How to Wrangle Words for Growing Your Platform

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Keep it simple by finding creative ways to wrangle your words into a product you can use to build your platform and promote your book. You grow your platform by writing a book. You get your book published by having a platform. Does anyone else see the problem here? Many years ago, I was encouraged …

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Top Reasons to Understand Your Writing Rights

Know the different rights as a writer to build a solid writing career. If you don’t know your rights then you will get left in the dust. I stepped up to help out an organization that I believe in. They asked for speakers and I agreed to do the presentation – for free – at …

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How to Define Your Target with Simple Steps

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The target market for your books focuses on the ideal person that would read your book. You need a target market to help you determine where you will engage, where you will advertise, and how you will promote. Have you defined your target market? The first time someone asked me who I wrote for I …


5 Social Media Basics for Marketing Success

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Or how to KISS Marketing Goodbye Keep It SOCIAL, Silly Social Media – ALL OF THEM – are not designed to be a marketing tool. Across the board, social media are places to create connections and grow relationships. It is right there in the name . . . S O C I A L. I …

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Top Reasons to Write – Why Do What You Do

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It has been said that if you can find what you love doing and then determine a way to make a living doing it then you will never have to work a day in your life. So, why do you write? I woke up determined to take on the day. It was pitch dark in …

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Work Better not Battered – Tips for Building Freelance Success

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Working from home and building a freelance writing career can be exhausting. Add in family, a “real” job, or other commitments and it can cause even the strongest camels to break. You need to find your way to better work so that you don’t get battered down by all that comes at you because things …

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No and Know are Keys to Getting Stuff Done

When you are struggling to get stuff done for your day, strip it back to the basics to find your way to get it done. The day started off already behind. Even worse, it was weeks behind because of the chaos and circumstances that had been getting in the way. NaNoWriMo? Don’t even get me …

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4 Simple Secrets Secured During a Successful WordCamp Experience

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Tips from WordCamp Birmingham by Kathryn C Lang Building a solid foundation of success requires more than the right place or the right people, but it demands the right investment of engagement from you. I attended WordCamp Birmingham in 2013. It was not my first conference, although it was my first WordCamp experience. I took …


How to Write Quick Consistent Blog Content

A chat on Twitter prompted me to expand on the ideas I was trying to share. It seems 140 characters caused confusion. The ideas seemed simple enough. The explanations seemed plain. I was reminded of the time my husband called me and asked me how to make biscuits (using a biscuit mix). I was shocked, …