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Rework, Refocus and a Request – from a One-star Review

One-star reviews should be the antithesis of what writers crave. I know they were for me. My ego needed to see those five star reviews pouring over my work. Getting the accolades of the readers became a way for me to measure my worth. Until yesterday. Yesterday my debut novel, RUN, received a one-star review. The review was short and …Read more »

The Importance of Defining YOUR Success

“I want to be a success.” This was the answer I got when I asked a friend what he wanted from the words he was creating. His reply did little to answer my question because his definition of success and my definition might not be the same. Have you defined success? I have mentioned before that if you do not …Read more »

Investing Your Time – Part 1 for Investing in Freelance Writing

The only thing you will never make more of us is time. You can make more money. You can build more connections. You can create more opportunities. Every other resource can be replenished – except time. Once you spend time – it is gone and can never be found again. Protect your time with even more gusto than you protect …Read more »

Should I Be a Freelance Writer

Developing a freelance writing career starts with an entrepreneurial spirit. Education and even resources can play a part in the journey. Successful entrepreneurs, including successful freelance writers, need to have a persistent determination that will push them over the hurdles that will ultimately come. Not getting it done can never be an option for the entrepreneur or the freelancer. Some …Read more »

Easy Tips for Crafting Blog Posts

New ideas can be hard to come by as you build a cache of writing material for your blog. You have written it all or someone else has written it all. You have heard that there is nothing new under the sun and blog content is really no different. It is not always about writing something new. Creating great content …Read more »

Uncovering the Mistakes of My Freelance Writing

I worked full-time freelance writing and made a good living doing it. I wrote for websites all around the globe that covered a HUGE range of topics. I looked for jobs that paid a wage I had determined worked for my experience and education. I had defined my success and pursued it with bold consistency. I wrote daily. I built …Read more »

Building a Writing Career – Part Four Or Finding Your WHEN

The month of November offers many challenges for writers. National Novel Writing Month provides the encouragement and support for writers that want to create a new product in just thirty days. Blog Her introduced National Blog Posting Month for those that are more focused on their blogs than on writing a manuscript. See Jane Write Magazine created her own twist …Read more »

Building a Successful Writing Career – Part 3

My writing career started out as something few would deem a writing career. I made posts on different forums around the internet. For each comment I made, I received a check. It was only pennies per post, but doing dozens of posts per day meant the pennies added up quick. I was paid regularly for the words that I crafted, …Read more »

Content Marketing Ideas for Getting through the Writing Maze

Learning what to write, when to write and how to write continues to be a challenge for me. The more I think I know, the more I discover I need to learn. Throw in the ever changing landscape of internet and social media and it is no wonder that part of my day may be spent trying to figure out …Read more »

Tips to Help You Conquer Social Media

You can grow your social media presence best by building it one relationships at a time.

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