So You Want to Be a Freelance Writer?

Writing for a living requires working at writing every day. There will be an investment of time, energy and focus to grow that writing career to the desired success.

It has to be treated like a business if it is going to be a business – no matter what the “IT” may be

“I would love to do what you do.”

People often respond to my telling them I am a writer or author with this statement. Some of them are even serious about a desire to write. I have learned to dig a little further before I do any amount of encouraging for them to begin growing a freelance writing career. Freelance writing – or the journey of writing words for a living – is not for the faint of heart, mind, or spirit.

Most people have no idea what I do. Some envision me sitting by a peaceful creek writing with a feather pen in my notepad. Others see a furry of interviews and book signings with adoring fans. Some just imagine I sit around and do nothing all day. I have yet to experience any of those events on a basis often enough to consider it part of my routine.

As a freelance writer, I have written books for others, content for others, books and articles from my own experiences, a regular column, blog posts, eBooks, and so much more. Words are the foundation for many of my pursuits. I am flexible in the walk, the talk, and the actions because a freelance journey requires flexibility.

As a freelance writer, I have been burned by clients. I have been burned by family and friends. I have definitely been burned by self (sometimes self can be the most dangerous adversary). I daily prepare for the battle because it is a war and success as a freelance writer is not an easy road.

I am a writer – so I do spend my day writing – but my career as a writer is different from those of my other writer friends. We each are on a journey that starts with writing by that moves along a path unique to our needs and our situation.

So you STILL want to be a freelance writer?

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Confessions of a Freelance Writer by Kathryn Lang

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